Scott Cusack CEO of WAAYB Organics

Scott Cusack

Scott entered the industrial hemp world as a consumer: he sought a happier, healthier lifestyle, something he’d struggled to find as the head of a financial firm. Eventually overcome by job-related stress, Scott left his position and embarked on a journey that led to the birth of WAAYB Organics CBD Oil.

Frustrated by the misinformation, questionable ingredients, and unsatisfactory quality of CBD oil products in the market, Scott became determined to create his own line of premium quality, pure, clean, natural organic CBD oil, creams and capsules. The only way he could do this, he realized, was to own the process end-to-end: from growing the hemp to extracting, distilling, and packaging the final hemp extract oil product WAAYB Organics is now proud to share with customers like you.

Scott promises to provide you the best products WAAYB Organics can offer and to do so with absolute transparency; his enthusiasm and passion for quality is reflected in WAAYB products that harness the power of organic agriculture and science to help you lead a happier, healthier life.