Transdermal Hemp Extract Cream

Transdermal Hemp Extract Oil
600mg Transdermal Hemp Extract Cream. 10mg/pump


We are very happy to release our new Transdermal Hemp Extract Cream with the New Year.  We decided to use a transdermal as opposed to a typical topical cream or balm because we wanted a product that was going to ensure absorption both locally and systemically.  We partnered with a compounding pharmacy in formulation and in selecting the right transdermal to use.  The product that we are using has been shown to have better absorption than other transdermal creams or gels on the market.

The use of a transdermal will be great for both aches and pains and systemic usage not only for you, but also for usage with your pet.  Since most of the time it is hard to get a pet to use their tincture sublingually or in the mucosal layer, with the transdermal product you can actually apply it to the inside of their ear, or any area without a lot of fur and they will be able to absorb the hemp extract as opposed to having to eat it and losing efficacy.


The cream is only available in one strength right now, 10mg/pump or 600mg per bottle.


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