New Websites New Options

All Natural Flavorless CBD Oil by WAAYB Organics

We are excited to have our upgraded website finally up and ready to rock!  With the new website we are offering a few new products.  Big bottles in three flavors and two strengths.  Currently we have 1200mg and 1800mg bottles which are both 60mL.  These are the same strength per mL as the 600 and 900 bottles just double the size.  So if you are taking the supplement twice a day these will last you a whole month.  we currently offer the 1200mg and 1800mg in Mint, Cinnamon and Flavorless.  We will be offering a 60mL 600mg bottle soon!


In addition to the new products and new look of the website, one thing we are excited about now is that we are able to have reviews on our products which our old site wasn’t able to do.  So please if you love our product let others know.  If you don’t like something please reach out to us so that we can make it right.


Thank you again and we hope the Wind is Always At Your Back


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