Kaitlin S Testimonial

There aren™t words to describe how wonderful this product is other than life saver. We have a border collie mix who has experienced some traumatic events that have caused her anxiety level to rise to the point where we™ve considered putting her on medication. When we came across this product, we were slightly skeptical just because there are so many products like this on the market today, but we™d heard testimonies of how great it is and decided to try it. Two weeks later my dog started playing with toys again (something we haven™t really seen in years), having more confidence, not being so terrified of thunderstorms, and she was just all around different in such a positive way. We were sold! About a month later, our husky had a seizure. He™s had them before but being a relatively recent rescue, we haven™t figured out his triggers yet. This one was bad- full convulsions, gritted teeth, drooling, the whole nine yards. We immediately reached for the WAAYB Hemp Extract Oil and managed to wedge the dropper between his teeth. Within literally five seconds, he was awake, aware, and seizure free! We have NEVER come across a more effective, pure, and just all around awesome product. We even used it on a dog we were dog sitting when we had an epileptic seizure and it did the same thing! From now on, we will always have this product in our home. Thank you guys for making something so wonderful! We are forever grateful and relieved for how well it has changed our pups.

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