Your Pet Hemp Extract Oil is Magic!!

I’m not sure what this hemp extract oil is doing for my 16 1/2 year old dog but she went from being on her death bed, no energy, vomiting for 3 days, me thinking it was over…to this….I walked her a mile last night a sunset after the first single dose of your oil, this morning I gave her a second dose and she is prancing around, not slipping on the wood floors, not falling down, not vomiting. I haven’t seen her with this much enthusiasm and energy and pep in years.

I’m just floored and amazed by this.  This pet hemp extract oil is magic.  I wish I would’ve found this sooner.  Thank you.

Tracy from Boulder



We wanted to have a section that will keep you updated with news, testimonials and medical studies involving Hemp Extract Oil.  We also wanted a place to share some testimonials from people that are using WAAYB Organics.