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CoQ10 Day Cream with Organic CBD

CoQ10 Day Cream with CBD

  CoQ10 Day Cream with Organic CBD CoQ10 – potent antioxidant function helps protect skin at a molecular level from damaging effects from sun and free radicals – stimulates collagen and elastin production. Calendula – anti bacterial, antiseptic, fights for skin all day long. Ginger Root Oil – Soothe and eliminate bacteria especially redness and […]

Marula Night Cream with CBD

Marula CBD Night Cream

  Marula Night Cream with Organic CBD Marula – high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids – beneficial for oily, acne-prone, and dry aging skin. Pumpkin seed oil – rich in vitamin E, zinc, omega 3, and 6 fatty acids – retains skins moisture, fight free radicals, and maintain your skin’s youthful appearance. […]

Rosehip Beauty Serum with Organic CBD

Rosehip Beauty Serum with CBD

  Rosehip Beauty Serum with Organic CBD Rose flower absolute – heal various skin conditions, cuts, burns and to reduce swelling. Aloe – natural antioxidant and antibacterial – may help improve and prevent wrinkles. DMAE – Anti-aging, sagging neck skin, dark undereye circles. Beta-Carotene – Pro vitamin A & Powerful carotenoid antioxidant neutralizes free radicals from the […]

Jojoba Eye Serum with Organic CBD

Jojoba Eye Serum with CBD

  Jojoba Eye Serum with Organic CBD Sea Buckthorn – has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy against various ailments – may help stimulate skin regeneration and is backed with essential fatty acids and vitamins. Jojoba Oil – anti-inflammatory properties with Vitamins E and B-complex to aid in skin repair. Daikon […]

Coronarita CBD Margarita Recipe

Coronarita CBD Margarita

CEO and Found Scott Cusack’s Favorite cocktail. Scott’s signature margarita: Coronarita CBD Margarita Recipe 2 oz Tequila 1 oz Present Lemon + Lime 1 oz Lime juice .5 oz honey or Agave Muddled jalapeños (and strawberries for added sweetness) 2 slices jalapeño to garnish

Les is More CBD Bellini

Les is More CBD Cocktail

Cocktail: Les Is More Description: The spiced bellini you never knew you needed! Origin: This Recipe was created by Nicole Norman, a prominent Austin, TX mixologist. The Les is More drink was featured at Top Chef winner, Kristen Kish’s restaurant, Arlo Grey in Austin, TX, and was developed with our incredibly talented graphic designer Les. […]

CBD Choco Hazelnut Truffles

CBD Choco Hazelnut truffles

We got this great recipe from @datesanddimples which is a delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle with our USDA Organic Water Soluble CBD, and it is a delicious way to chill at the end of a meal. Here is the super simple recipe that makes about 10. Ingredients 3/4 cup Hazelnut Flour (or almond flour) 3 tbsp […]

Canna Banana Bread

Cana Banana Bread Recipe

With people being isolated to their houses and taking up baking we wanted to share our Canna CBD Banana bread recipe.  This turned out amazing and includes our USDA Organic Water Soluble CBD. Ingredients 4 ripe bananas 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp baking soda 1/4 cup honey 2 large eggs 2 cups Old Fashioned rolled […]

Pelo de Perro CBD Margarita

Pelo de Perro CBD Margarita

USDA Organic Water Soluble CBD + Cinco De Mayo = CBD Cinco! 🥳 Want to celebrate without the hangover tomorrow? Add One Farm’s Water Soluble CBD to any Cocktail to help prevent hangovers as you hang out 🤙 Our favorite new recipe is called 🐶 Pelo de Perro (Hair of the Dog) CBD Margarita 💚 […]

CBD products and Dogs

The veterinary market is inundated with cannabis products, but do they work? A pilot clinical trial looks at this modality’s effectiveness for canine pain relief. The laws surrounding the use of cannabis products in veterinary medicine continue to evolve. Yet, despite ongoing legal restrictions and uncertainties, many pet owners are turning to cannabis products to help improve […]