All-natural hemp extract oil.

The cleanest hemp extract oil, MCT oil, and all-natural flavoring.
Now available in mint and cinnamon.

Cool and refreshing
Sweet and savory
Healthy pets, happy owners

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I’m not sure what this hemp extract oil is doing for my 16 1/2 year old dog but she went from being on her death bed, no energy, vomiting for 3 days, me thinking it was over to this. I walked her a mile last night at sunset after the first single dose of your oil…  I haven’t seen her with this much enthusiasm and energy and pep in years.
I’m just floored and amazed by this.  This pet hemp extract oil is magic.  I wish I would’ve found this sooner.  Thank you


You deserve the best Hemp Extract Oil.

Pure. Natural. WAAYB hemp extract oil.
Shipping to all 50 states.

Experience the best...

Experience the best...

Enjoy a happier, healthier life with
WAAYB Organics Hemp Extract oil. Use it regularly to benefit your body and your mind, all without
psychotropic (narcotic) side effects.*
• Reduce your stress and anxiety
• Support your immune system • Reduce your pain
• Help with digestion • Protect your nerve cells
• Ease your migraines • Strengthen your bones
• Sleep better

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Feel great..

WAAYB Organics products are designed with one value above all others: quality. That's why we control the entire production process from start to finish. We grow our hemp on organic farms in Colorado and hand harvest it. We then extract and distill our hemp extract oil in WAAYB’s highly controlled laboratory facilities that utilize the best technology.

Each of us at WAAYB is committed to delivering
the best product on the market.

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Feel great..
Taste and feel the difference...

Taste and feel the difference...

Many companies source their industrial hemp from Eastern Europe and China, where it was grown as a ‘cleansing crop’ for fields laden with heavy metal. They often use harsh chemicals in their distillation and extraction processes and don’t always tell you everything that’s in their products.

At WAAYB Organics, we're dedicated to providing you with the safest, cleanest, purest, Colorado grown, extracted, distilled, and bottled hemp extract oil.

Highly Recommended!

I take a dropper literally every day. I’ve been sleeping better, and am more relaxed, focused, and generally just happy. Wish I’d known about it sooner.

Kevin N

Your pet deserves the best

Keep your pet happy and healthy

Use WAAYB Organics Pet product to deliver the benefits of hemp extract oil to your dog or cat.

Healthy pets, happy owners
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